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Key Roles

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Head Office

head office contact centre

Our teams within Head Office play a big part in making sure our Hospital Teams feel supported and can focus on supporting patients and transforming their lives. CHEC Head Office is based in Fulwood, Preston. We look for driven individuals who thrive working at pace and can bring fresh ideas to CHEC.

Our Support Office departments include:

  • People and Education
  • Finance and Procurement
  • IT, Data and Software Development
  • Marketing
  • Contracts & Service Development
  • Legal
  • Mobilisation
  • Facilities
  • Patient Booking Centre
  • Clinical Services

Hospital Managers

hospital manager

Hospital Managers are the Registered Manager for their Hospital and ensure the highest quality of patient centred care. They are responsible for the leadership of the hospital team, in the delivery of safe, effective, and efficient clinical care. Ensuring all clinical and non-clinical colleagues are appropriately recruited, trained, and managed including mandatory training, training, performance, and quality.

Hospital Managers are supportive and ensure the best outcomes for both the team and patients. We look for highly motivated healthcare professionals, who possess strong leadership skills and successful experience with CQC. Experience within Ophthalmology or Gastroenterology is not essential, as the teams will guide you every step of the way during your onboarding with us.

Theatre Practitioner

theatre practitioner

Our Theatre Practitioners are registered healthcare professionals, with the NMC or HCPC, who specialise in scrub. They focus on patient centric care, participating in the entire pathway for our patients, from pre-admission, surgery, and post-operative management.

A great Theatre Practitioner will possess a combination of technical skills, interpersonal skills and personal qualities that makes them a valued member of the team in the operating room. They support the surgical team effectively ensuring the best possible outcome for our patient’s vision.

Although the primary focus is on the surgical procedure, our great Theatre Practitioners never forget the patient’s needs and emotions. They provide compassionate care and reassurance to patients before and after surgery.

Want to apply but don’t have ophthalmic scrub experience? No problem! Our Clinical Education team are dedicated to supporting all new starters in becoming expert Theatre Practitioners!

Endoscopy Practitioner

endoscopy practioner

Endoscopy is a specialised specialism that involves performing diagnostic and therapeutic procedures using an endoscope, a flexible tube with a camera attached. Our Endoscopy Practitioners are registered healthcare professionals with a solid understanding of endoscopy procedures, equipment, and techniques.

A great Endoscopy Practitioner possesses a unique set of skills and qualities that are essential for providing high-quality care in the endoscopy unit. As with any healthcare setting, working in an endoscopy unit can be emotionally demanding. Our fabulous Endoscopy Practitioners maintain emotional resilience and cope effectively with the challenges of the job.

Want to apply but don’t have ophthalmic scrub experience? No problem! Our Clinical Education team are dedicated to supporting all new starters in becoming expert Endoscopy Practitioners!

Patient Coordinator

patient coordinator

Our Patient Coordinators are key to supporting with the running of our sites. The focus of the role is working on our reception, they are the first point of contact for our patients as they arrive, meeting and greeting patients, taking inbound and making outbound calls to patients about their appointments. They support the hospital functions to contribute to a smooth-running clinical diary.

We look for those with a friendly manner who can maintain high standards of care and can use key skills including empathy, tact and reassurance when dealing with all our patients. Whilst greeting patients our patient coordinators need to be highly organised with an eye for detail as they manage their admin and reception duties.

Endoscopy Healthcare Assistant

endoscopy healthcare assistant

Our Endoscopy Health Care Assistant’s are responsible for supporting the Endoscopy team with the decontamination processes including maintaining the supply of endoscopes, preparing clinical areas, and managing stock levels. They will support the Endoscopy Unit to provide patient centric care during patient admissions, recovery, and discharge.

We look for individuals who are friendly and approachable with a natural ability to empathise, so our patients feel safe and cared for. Our Endoscopy health care assistants require a can-do attitude as they will need to schedule and prioritise their workload. They will have a desire and willingness to develop their skills in line with our framework and their personal development plan.



Our Optometrists are registered Healthcare Professionals who specialise in ocular health and vision. They are trained to examine and diagnose various visual conditions and health problems. Using sophisticated tools and techniques, they provide vision therapy, offer pre- and post-operative care for patients undergoing eye surgeries, and promote preventative eye care to maintain optimal visual health. Their expertise ensures that individuals achieve clear vision and maintain long-term eye wellness.

Although challenging at times it is all worth it knowing they have not only made a difference to not only someone’s vision, but also their life!

All of our Optometrists have the natural ability to empathise and adapt in any situation. They have caring and compassionate natures that make our patients feel at ease when visiting our hospitals. With their commitment to precision and patient well-being, optometrists play a vital role in preserving and enhancing your lifelong visual experience.

All our Optometrists hold a Bachelors or equivalent degree in Optometry, are GOC registered and have previous experience in a clinical environment. We provide onsite training for our Optometrists to learn the ‘CHEC’ way and offer further training to expand their skillsets such as YAG laser.

Optical Assistants

optical assistant

An Optical Assistant plays a crucial supporting role in our Ophthalmic treatment centres, providing gold star patient care, ensuring all our patients are at ease. Conducting preliminary tests on patients including Optical coherence tomography, checking visual acuities, Optical pressure checks and assisting with safely admitting and discharging our patients.

We have a great framework in place for many different progression routes for our Optical Assistants to develop into a Scrub Assistant.

Many of our Optical Assistants bring a wealth of previous healthcare experience, knowledge and understanding of what great patient care looks like, however we have a full training team dedicated to providing full comprehensive training on our state-of-the-art machines and ocular conditions they may come across.

With their friendly demeanour and attention to detail, they ensure a smooth and efficient patient experience while contributing to the overall success of the Hospital.

Sessional & Bank Roles

sessional bank staff

If you are interested in joining CHEC on a Sessional or Bank basis please email us directly at to let us know what location and role you are interested in.

  • Employee Testimonial

    My 2nd cataract surgery was, in my opinion, a superb example of patient care. My surgeon and all the other staff were great ambassadors for CHEC.

    Faultless care (CHEC Warrington)

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