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Please don’t hesitate to contact us whether you are a patient, optometrist, or a general practitioner. We’re here to help and provide support and advice.


    1-6 Star Building,
    Broughton Business Park, Fulwood, Preston,
    PR2 9WT

    Patient Enquiries:
    0344 264 4160

    24hr Emergency Careline:
    0344 264 4162

    Customer Services:





    Have a complaint?

    It is important that you let us know as soon as possible of your complaint, so that we may resolve the matter promptly and to your satisfaction. Please tell a staff member straight away if you are unhappy with your care or wish to seek more information to understand your care.

    At CHEC, we would prefer to discuss any issues with you, to reduce any distress or concern. Our patient co-ordinators, receptionists, technicians, nurses and doctors will be happy to answer any concerns/issues and resolve this straight away.

    If you are unable to complain yourself either verbally or in writing, you will need to appoint an “authorised representative”. You will need to provide your consent for this person to act on your behalf.