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Gastroscopy or Upper GI Endoscopy

Gastroscopy or Upper GI Endoscopy

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The endoscope has a light and small camera at one end, that sends images directly to a screen for the endoscopist to review.

Endo Wires

You have been advised to undergo this investigation to find the cause for your symptoms, help with treatment and if necessary, to decide on further investigation. There are many reasons for this investigation including:

  • Indigestion or acid reflux
  • Anaemia
  • Weight loss
  • Vomiting
  • Passing black motions
  • Vomiting blood
  • Difficulty swallowing
  • Diagnosing Coeliac Disease
  • Upper abdominal pain

Generally, an Upper GI will be over in less than 15 minutes, and you will be allowed to go home on the same day.

It is important that you are comfortable during the procedure to ensure that the endoscopist can perform the procedure successfully.

Before the procedure, your throat will be numbed with a local anaesthetic spray. You can also choose to have a sedative if you prefer. This means you will still be awake but will be drowsy and have reduced awareness about what’s happening.

CHEC Patient

While you are waiting for your gastroscopy, maintain a healthy diet and avoid anything that may make your symptoms worse. Cutting down alcohol and stopping smoking often helps with many conditions that affect the gullet and stomach. Unless advised by a doctor, do not use over the counter anti-inflammatory medicines (such as ibuprofen).

Once your Gastroscopy is scheduled, we will send you instructions about how to prepare ahead of your appointment.

You will be asked not to have anything to eat for at least 6 hours before the procedure, but small sips of water can be taken until two hours before your appointment. This will ensure your stomach is empty and the doctor will have a clear view during the test.

If you’re taking a medicine to thin your blood, such as warfarin or clopidogrel, you may need to stop taking it for a few days before having an endoscopy. This is to help prevent bleeding during the procedure. However, do not stop taking any prescribed medicine unless a GP or specialist tells you to.

After the procedure you will be given some time to recover from the procedure. If you chose to have anaesthetic throat spray, you will be offered a cold drink when the sensation in your throat has returned to normal.

If you received sedation, it usually takes 30 minutes for the initial effects of sedation to wear off. In some cases, people may feel fully alert immediately after the procedure. While you recover, you will have your oxygen levels, blood pressure and heart rate monitored by our nurses. The sedation can remain in your blood system for up to 24 hours and you may feel drowsy with some lapses of memory.

You won’t be able to drive after having sedation, so you will need to arrange for someone to escort you home and supervise you for a 24-hour period.

Patient Testimonials

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    Exquisite and exemplary cataract customer service from booking to surgery follow-up appointments. The staff throughout both procedures have been extremely supportive, professional, and compassionate.

    Keith R Whitburn

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    Excellent practice

    The nurse clearly explained what checks she was about to carry out and made me feel relaxed during the process.

    Trevor Wood

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    Fantastic service

    I was terrified of undergoing the procedure, but the Endoscopist and the nurses present were wonderful and made an uncomfortable procedure as pleasant as possible. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to all of you who were present.

    Gayle Taylor

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    Credit to the NHS

    Fantastic staff from entering the building to leaving. Everybody was friendly, confident and couldn't have asked for anymore from them. A genuine credit to the NHS.


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    Great service

    The service and treatment were outstanding, with no long waiting time for an appointment. Following my consultation, I was given an appointment the next day to have my cataract removed. What a great service.

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    Excellent (CHEC Warrington)

    It was a very quick process from the consultation to the procedure. Very friendly and helpful staff.

    Helen C

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    Faultless care (CHEC Warrington)

    My 2nd cataract surgery was, in my opinion, a superb example of patient care. My surgeon and all the other staff were great ambassadors for CHEC.

    John Dunbavand

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    I just had my cataract surgery at CHEC. Despite my nerves, the staff were reassuring and made me feel comfortable. The surgery was quick, I was kept informed at every stage which was great. I cannot recommend CHEC highly enough.


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    Couldn’t fault them

    As soon as I arrived, I was made to feel at ease. All staff were friendly but professional, they couldn’t have been any better. I now have no fear in returning to continue my treatment.

    Linda S

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    Excellent practice

    This was my first visit to CHEC, the Reception staff were extremely helpful and polite. All the other staff were very pleasant and made you feel welcome to be there, credit to you all.

    Linda James

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    Lovely Staff

    Welcoming, friendly, attentive, efficient, and above all, patient. Having my eyes tested at this practice provided excellent service at a time when one might wonder why these tests are necessary. Thanks to the staff I met today.

    Kevin Johnson

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    Absolutely brilliant at Ilford

    The staff at Ilford were excellent. The nurses explained my procedure step by step, and when I met with the doctor, they were very welcoming and made me feel comfortable. Thank you so much.

    Barbara Murphy

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    Friendly staff at Ilford Clinic

    The staff are all very friendly, very kind and very smiley. I had a good experience, and I would definitely recommend Ilford practice to friends and family.


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    Fantastic service

    I had my second cataract procedure at CHEC in Blackpool today. Once again l was impressed by the kindness, helpfulness, good humour, and professionalism of everybody who works there. Thank you.

    Graham Jones

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    Amazing experience

    I had a laser capsulotomy treatment in Stevenage on Monday 26th February. I was in and out of the treatment centre in under 10 minutes. All instructions were easy to follow with astonishing results. Well-done and thank you.

    S Frost

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    Great and very patient focused

    The staff were brilliant at each stage which made the entire process calming, from consultation through to the surgery. The receptionists were fantastic.


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    All very professional and competent!

    I found the whole process to be highly professional and competent and would therefore recommend this organisation without reservation to anyone who needs cataract surgery.

    Nigel Morgan

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    Wonderful stress-free experience

    I was made to feel relaxed from the moment we arrived by all the amazing staff. I wish other medical institutions were like this. Thank you.


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    Great practice

    All the staff were attentive, polite and friendly. They listened to my individual needs and took great care of me.

    Mary Dyas

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    Efficient service

    Really quick referral and appointment at CHEC Stockport. Lovely staff. Efficient and timely appropriate medical care. Responsive follow up. Premises are really clean and a pleasant experience at a worrying time of a health issue involving eyesight. Excellent care thank you!


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    Very pleased

    I am very pleased with the service at CHEC, it is absolutely first-class. From the receptionists, the way I was treated and having the operation done was good. Since having the operation my vision has been very good.


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    Fantastic experience

    The whole process has been very fast and exceeded my expectations. The staff are all very friendly and professional. I am very pleased with CHEC Northampton.


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    Great practice

    I’m amazed by the quick, efficient service and ecstatic about the results. I now see car number plates, road signs, and TV text bright and clearly, with everything appearing detailed. This is the best birthday present ever. Thank you so much, please don’t change a thing.

    Marian Curran