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At CHEC, we are extremely passionate about development and show encouragement in providing opportunities to help you grow. Our dedicated L&D and Education team are at hand to help you achieve your full potential.

Each colleague has an opportunity to access a Personal Development Plan to determine the next steps of your career development.

We also have an up-and-coming Apprenticeship Scheme in place partnering with local and online establishments to help cater to your needs, wherever you are. Whether it be the very start of your career with us, or an opportunity to gain valuable qualifications and lifelong skills during your career, an apprenticeship may be the right development solution for you.

At CHEC we have a dedicated list of eLearning courses for each role, that can be completed through one of our blended eLearning platforms. This element of training will be introduced right at the start of journey at CHEC to ensure you are fully prepared for your dedicated working environment.

senior leadership team meeting


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If your role involves working in the operating theatre, you will be shown and trained in all the relevant aspects of theatre standards and practice to ensure you are properly equipped to deliver the high-quality patient care that we at CHEC pride ourselves on.

Whether you come from an ophthalmic background or not, we can train you to be a highly skilled professional in the field and the Education Team will be there for you at any time in your CHEC career, not just your first few weeks.

For your continued development, we offer a pathway for our Ophthalmic Assistants where they can choose to learn to scrub for cataract surgery and assist the surgeon at the operating table or attentively, you could choose the diagnostic development route aimed at enhancing your skills in the clinic environment and possibly leading on towards a lead role within the clinic.

Our scrub practitioners also have the opportunity to develop their skills with the aim of becoming a theatre lead, where you will be responsible for far more than just scrubbing for surgery.

There is also the opportunity for our Endoscopy colleagues to cross train in certain aspects of the different services with bespoke training and support offered by the Clinical Education Team.

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The Endoscopy Induction package supports CHEC ambition for JAG accreditation and ensures that all clinical colleagues are equipped with he knowledge and skills to deliver the highest standard of patient care. All new employees (both registered and non-registered) complete Patient Facing Statutory Mandatory Training Modules via eLfH. Following this, they further receive a four-week period of Clinical Induction which includes:

  • Enrolment onto JETS
  • Completion of eLfH 9 Modules for Endo 1 – following which employees either attend a face-to-face or virtual session via JAG
  • Completion of Modules on Health Care Skills (level 3 or Level 5 depending on registration status). These modules each include role play, discussions and submitted reflections
  • Practically assessed Adult Basic Life Support Training

The methods used to deliver this training included a blended approach of face-to-face teaching with practical, online learning, along with Multiple Choice Questions, group discussion, reflections, and role play. This consolidates the learning and enables the clinical endoscopy team to establish a process of development collectively.

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