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Independent Prescribing Clinical Placement

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Unlock new opportunities in your career as an Optometrist with Independent Prescribing, empowering you to conduct thorough patient assessments, diagnose conditions, devise effective management strategies, and issue necessary prescriptions.

Applicants must have practiced in the UK and been registered with the GOC for at least two years prior to starting their clinical placement.

During the placement, participants are required to maintain a clinical logbook to verify that learning outcomes are met. Additionally, participants will need to treat enough patients with various conditions they will manage therapeutically.

Choosing CHEC as your placement provider, you will experience a range of general ophthalmology clinics alongside our specialist doctors.

A nominal fee of £50 per session is applicable and must be settled before commencing the placement.

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    -Develop competence in assessing, diagnosing, and managing ophthalmic conditions you plan to treat.

    -Identify and refer sight-threatening conditions appropriately.

    -Effectively communicate with patients.

    -Monitor treatment responses, reassess diagnoses, and adjust treatment plans, making referrals or consulting others as necessary.

    -Make clinical decisions that prioritise patient needs.

    -Recognise your own professional limitations.

    -Critically evaluate and improve your prescribing practices continually.

    -Expert placement leaders.

    -Flexible number of sessions to suit your needs.

    -Access to multiple placement locations.

    -Exposure to a mix of general ophthalmology cases.