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Macular Degeneration

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Symptomatically, AMD causes gaps or dark spots in your vision and may make straight lines look wavy or bent.

When you are reading, words may appear distorted or jumbled on the page.

There are two forms of AMD – wet and dry.

Understanding Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD):
Your Comprehensive Guide

Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD) is a prevalent condition that impacts the central part of your vision, potentially affecting daily activities such as reading, watching TV, and recognising faces. If you are experiencing AMD, you may notice blurriness, distorted lines, gaps or dark spots in your vision, and a diminished vibrancy in colours.

Development with Age:

While AMD is more commonly observed in individuals aged 65 and above, it can also develop in the age range of 40 to 50.

Risk Factors:

The exact cause remains unknown, but AMD is more prevalent in smokers, individuals with high blood pressure or poor dietary habits, and those with a family history of AMD. Regular exposure to sunlight without adequate protection is also a contributing factor, with the condition being more common in women.

Possibility of Bilateral Involvement:

AMD can affect one or both eyes.

CHEC Patient

Receiving a diagnosis of AMD can be overwhelming, but we are here to provide unwavering support throughout your journey. If you have questions or concerns, we are ready to assist you in understanding your condition and exploring your available options. At CHEC, we prioritise your well-being and are committed to guiding you through the challenges posed by AMD. Knowledge is a powerful tool, and we aim to empower you with information and support every step of the way. If you suspect AMD or have recently been diagnosed, reach out to us — you are not alone in this journey.

Patient Testimonials

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    Excellent experience

    From start to finish first class care, and nothing too much trouble. I am pleased to report the operated eye is working very well, and a big thank you to all concerned. I have a learned a new tune to play at Church this Sunday, "I…

    Geoff Eddleston

  • Star Star Star Star Star
    Efficient service

    Really quick referral and appointment at CHEC Stockport. Lovely staff. Efficient and timely appropriate medical care. Responsive follow up. Premises are really clean and a pleasant experience at a worrying time of a health issue involving eyesight. Excellent care thank you!


  • Star Star Star Star Star

    I am thrilled with my 1st eye surgery and even happier to hear from head office the day after my post-cataract check offering me an appointment for my second eye surgery, especially after being told it may be 6-8 weeks. Everyone is friendly, and I can’t…


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    Very pleased

    I am very pleased with the service at CHEC, it is absolutely first-class. From the receptionists, the way I was treated and having the operation done was good. Since having the operation my vision has been very good.


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    Thank you

    Thank you to everyone for making Brian’s cataract operation go so smoothly, together with your kindness and support, we are sure Brian will be well on track soon to be able to see where his golf ball lands again. I will then be a golfing widow…


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    Highly satisfied

    I had a cataract removed July of last year, very successful and the staff were excellent. I recently returned this July for a follow-up appointment, again the staff were excellent, but have to commend the young receptionist for her friendliness and manner, in which she welcomed…

    Diane Mellows

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    Fantastic experience

    The whole process has been very fast and exceeded my expectations. The staff are all very friendly and professional. I am very pleased with CHEC Northampton.


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    Great practice

    I’m amazed by the quick, efficient service and ecstatic about the results. I now see car number plates, road signs, and TV text bright and clearly, with everything appearing detailed. This is the best birthday present ever. Thank you so much, please don’t change a thing.

    Marian Curran