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CHEC announces launch of two new treatment centres

chec announces launch of two new treatment centres in Stockport and Sheffield

Both centres are scheduled to open in mid-2023, with Stockport in June and Sheffield in July, further expanding CHEC’s presence in the North, complementing its existing sites in Stoke, Blackpool, Preston, and Accrington.

Both centres will offer ophthalmology and endoscopy services, addressing the significant backlogs in these specialities. Over 620,000 patients are currently waiting for NHS ophthalmology treatment and waiting lists in regions such as Manchester and Sheffield range from 33-50 weeks and 24-41 weeks respectively, as a result of the pandemic.

With the NHS recommending a referral to treatment waiting time of no longer than 18 weeks, timely access to services is crucial to prevent permanent damage and delayed diagnoses, highlighting the need for additional resources. With an average waiting time of 1-4 weeks, CHEC aims to relieve the pressure on the NHS and make general ophthalmology and community endoscopy services more readily available and accessible for patients.

Jose Bailey, Commercial Director, commented, “CHEC’s expansion, combined with prestigious clinical excellence recognition this year is a testament to the ongoing work we are doing to support the NHS and patients across the UK.

“We are thrilled to announce the opening of brand-new sites in the North this summer, expanding patient choice, reducing waiting times and offering an alternative solution for patients to access community-based services in new areas across the country.”

In anticipation of the launch of the Stockport site, CHEC Stockport will be hosting a virtual Continuing Professional Development (CPD) event on 17th May for healthcare professionals seeking to earn CPD points, and registration can be accessed here.

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