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CHEC is proud to be one of the only providers of community ophthalmology offering patients the choice of premium Extended Depth of Focus lenses free of charge.

When it comes to improving your vision with cataract surgery, there’s a modern option called Extended Depth of Focus, or EDoF lens. Unlike traditional lenses that may require you to switch glasses for different tasks, our premium lenses are designed to provide high quality far vision, combined with functional intermediate vision. This means you can enjoy everything from browsing on your laptop to recognising faces across the room without the hassle of changing glasses. It’s all about making your vision as convenient and enjoyable as possible!

The premium lens uses innovative optical technology to extend the range of clear vision by creating a single elongated focal point. This technology enhances depth of focus, which allows you to see objects at multiple distances without significant blur.

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  • Enhanced vision quality – offers a broader range of clear vision compared to traditional multifocal lenses.
  • Reduced dependence on glasses – many patients find that they rely less on glasses for daily activities.
  • High patient satisfaction – many patients appreciate the improvement in quality of life and the enhanced visual capabilities in various lighting conditions and for different tasks.
  • Reduced visual disturbances – for those sensitive to the visual disturbances commonly associated with multifocal lenses, EDoF lenses offer a viable alternative with fewer side effects like a glare.
  • Consistent vision – across a range of distances.
  • Lifestyle compatibility – if you have an active lifestyle or regularly engage in activities requiring multiple focal lengths, our premium lens offering can significantly enhance your quality of life by providing greater flexibility and convenience.

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