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CHEC launches premium NHS EDoF lens solution to cataract patients

EDoF Launch Article

As part of its mission to elevate patient care quality and become the industry’s leader in innovative ophthalmology solutions, CHEC will now offer extended monofocal lenses to clinically eligible post-cataract surgery patients to enhance their subsequent range of vision, as part of its delivery of NHS services. Currently, anyone wanting EDoF lenses would have to seek private care and pay for them, as they are not available on the NHS.

EDoF lenses represent a contemporary technology in cataract surgery compared to standard monofocal lenses. CHEC will initially launch extended monofocal lenses across its Northern hospitals, while site-wide expansion is due to complete before the end of the year. This will see a standardised approach applied across all hospitals to increase efficiency in patient care.

Mahmoud Rabie

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