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First cataract patients at CHEC @ REAL Battersea

first cataract patients at chec real battersea

CHEC, one of the UK’s leading providers of community healthcare, has marked a clinical milestone after treating the first surgical eye patients at its new treatment centre at the REAL Battersea clinic. 

One of the first patients to benefit from CHEC’s community cataract procedures was Mrs Frances Hindmarsh, aged 81 from Chiswick. Following the cataract surgery on her right eye, Mrs Hindmarsh has noticed how blue the sky is and is able to read again. 

When asked about her experience being treated by CHEC @ REAL Battersea, Mrs Hindmarsh said: “I have a phobia with eyes and could pass out at any time. I didn’t because everybody was so nice and kept me as calm as possible. I’m willing to put my trust in CHEC and I’m very happy with the whole journey. Thank you to everyone at CHEC.” 

Working in partnership with the NHS, CHEC is helping to reduce waiting times in Battersea and the surrounding areas by making essential treatments more accessible in the community. 

“The waiting time for cataract surgery in Battersea is currently 16.5 weeks. By choosing CHEC, patients can access treatment within just four weeks,” explains Sundeep Sagoo, Hospital Manager. 

“Patient choice and care are front and centre of our operations at CHEC, and we’ve developed a wide range of initiatives to make it easier for people to access the healthcare services they need. But the most rewarding part is seeing the impact our community-based healthcare has on people like Mrs Hindmarsh.”

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