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Corneal Problems Including Dry Eyes The cornea is the transparent front part of the eye that covers the iris and pupil and allows viewing, when clear, of the back of the eye.

When functioning normally, the eyelids and the glands associated with eyelids are designed to protect the cornea and other surfaces of the eyeball from drying out or suffering trauma. The eyelids have several glands that assist lubrication. Meibomian glands secrete an oily substance that covers the water layer produced by the lacrimation gland. The conjunctiva, the transparent skin of the eye, produces a mucus layer allowing the water layer to attach to the corneal epithelium. Together the inner mucus layer, middle water layer and outer oily layer form a structure called the tear film.

The eyeball itself is approximately 24mm in size and is in contact with the outside world through the transparent surfaces of the eyeball.

The cornea, commonly known as the window of the eye is a clear transparent structure that allows light in from the front to the project to the photographic film of the eye at the back, called the retina. The cornea is the structure that is covered by contact lenses if you wear them.

Over the cornea, there is a lubricating film, called the tear film, which keeps the eye moist, maintains clarity, and fights infection. Surrounding the cornea is a white surface called the sclera which forms a hard surface to the eyeball. Overlying the white of the eye is a layer of transparent skin called the conjunctiva, which contains the blood vessels.

As with any part of the body, any single structure can have problems.

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    Excellent experience

    From start to finish first class care, and nothing too much trouble. I am pleased to report the operated eye is working very well, and a big thank you to all concerned. I have a learned a new tune to play at Church this Sunday, "I…

    Geoff Eddleston

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    Efficient service

    Really quick referral and appointment at CHEC Stockport. Lovely staff. Efficient and timely appropriate medical care. Responsive follow up. Premises are really clean and a pleasant experience at a worrying time of a health issue involving eyesight. Excellent care thank you!


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    I am thrilled with my 1st eye surgery and even happier to hear from head office the day after my post-cataract check offering me an appointment for my second eye surgery, especially after being told it may be 6-8 weeks. Everyone is friendly, and I can’t…


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    Very pleased

    I am very pleased with the service at CHEC, it is absolutely first-class. From the receptionists, the way I was treated and having the operation done was good. Since having the operation my vision has been very good.


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    Thank you

    Thank you to everyone for making Brian’s cataract operation go so smoothly, together with your kindness and support, we are sure Brian will be well on track soon to be able to see where his golf ball lands again. I will then be a golfing widow…


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    Highly satisfied

    I had a cataract removed July of last year, very successful and the staff were excellent. I recently returned this July for a follow-up appointment, again the staff were excellent, but have to commend the young receptionist for her friendliness and manner, in which she welcomed…

    Diane Mellows

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    Fantastic experience

    The whole process has been very fast and exceeded my expectations. The staff are all very friendly and professional. I am very pleased with CHEC Northampton.


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    Great practice

    I’m amazed by the quick, efficient service and ecstatic about the results. I now see car number plates, road signs, and TV text bright and clearly, with everything appearing detailed. This is the best birthday present ever. Thank you so much, please don’t change a thing.

    Marian Curran