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IHPN Net Zero

chec is now part of the independent healthcare provider network

CHEC has announced that it is now a part of the Independent Healthcare Provider Network (IHPN) sector-wide commitment to reach net zero by 2035. This participation is the latest step in CHEC’s broader strategy to ensure environmentally-positive practices across their centres.

The IHPN invites its members to support a pan-industry commitment to reaching net zero by 2035. The group contributes to this sector-wide goal by bringing together its members in a Climate Change group to share knowledge and best practice on how to reduce emissions across their healthcare services. The group also provides research and reports into industry progress across climate action and delivers guidance on how to move forward towards net zero.

Jon Dore, Chief Operating Officer at CHEC, said: “While the healthcare industry is facing a number of internal challenges at the moment, this shouldn’t mean we overlook our role in the climate change emergency. The welfare of individuals is underpinned by high-quality healthcare, yes, but it is also intrinsically connected to our environment and the health of the world in which we live.”

The target set out by the IHPN to achieve net zero by 2035 builds on the NHS’s own commitment to reach carbon neutrality by 2040. So far, over 40 IHPN members have signed up to the pledge – a number which continues to grow with CHEC’s participation.

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